Cook & Bond: bring your team virtually together again in the kitchen!


Remote team cooking challenges: let your coworkers connect in a different way to create strong bonds that go beyond work.

Our kids are Zoom schooling since March 12th and they are having some cool and fun dynamics that boost their creativity and interactions trying to recreate the regularity of the classmates’ relations.

When it comes to companies, Zoom calls are more into regular online meetings rather than creating an engaging connection between employees to allow new bonds. As we all know, engaging teams is crucial, and even more in this unprecedented time.

I have been observing my kids during their Zoom calls and taking notes of what engages them the most and so I designed some super cool virtual team cooking sessions, where participants share, engage, and even assist each other with a common goal.

Since I strongly believe that cooking allows people to connect differently, I have developed several formulas adapted to the times we are in now, where teams can come together again, virtually from their kitchens, to bring up the team spirit in a vibrant Zoom cooking session which ends in a virtual toast and tasting.
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Extended formulas, create a virtual community that allows employees to have a non-formal environment to engage in a different way around food.

Weekend formulas, allow all participants to join from their home kitchen with the option of having their family participate too!

Online team cooking events can go up to 50+ participants per session.

Community-based projects around team cooking can go up to 100+ participants.

Contact me for more details, I will be happy to share my brand new offers!