Corporate Cooking


Corporate Cooking Activities in Costa Brava

Create a memorable remote Team Cooking activity:
Contact us for our team cooking challenges: Time to boost the bonds and bring up the team spirit again!
More info about bringing up the team spirit again, here.

While in Girona, Costa Brava with your Company, we have a wide option of amenities and facilities for your team meetings or workshops. Have you thought about bringing your team together in a cooking event? We can set up a corporate team cooking event with the focus on different aspects in order to make your business strip to Catalonia, a memorable experience for life time.

“My team has not only enjoyed a great event but we have also managed to start a greater integration as a team.”
Marketing Director at Granini.

“Thank you so much on behalf of Ricoh Europe for a wonderful fun and tasty  night”
HR Coordinator at Ricoh Europe

Arrange business meetings in Girona and bring your team to cook:


In our hands-on team cooking events, participants come together around the stoves with specific goals and tasks to complete, according to the previously defined needs of the team


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