Market to Table



4,5 hours



10:00am to 2:30pm

Get inspired at the Food Market and experience a hands-on cooking class

Wander the food stalls at Palafurgell Market

We will start this cooking experience exploring the Food Market at Palafurgell to get inspired by the fresh and seasonal vegetables, fish and seafood, meats and cold cuts together with other local produces and food specialties.

Every cooking class is tailored to your group’s preferences, so your chef will pick out the best produce in season according to your taste and wished menu.

Once all the ingredients have been purchased, head to the kitchen space for a unique hands-on cooking class and learn to cook a Catalan 3 course meal by your own, guided and inspired by Chef Yves.

Prepare a full lunch adapted to your preferences, taste or intolerances

Savor the Catalan cuisine while meeting the local culture

Hands-on cooking class

Prepare and cook a selection of local specialties, discovering the Catalan food traditions and origins of the recipes with chef Yves. At the end of the class, lunch will be served in a beautiful table-set, paired with local wines.