Private Chef Yves Nicolier


Private Chef in Costa Brava, Yves Nicolier

Chef Yves will bring the seasonal & organic products to your table:

Either for a Chef´choice tasting menu to discover a selection of the local Spanish and Catalan specialties, or for an on-demand menu adapted to your needs, food restrictions, or allergies, Chef Yves will be delighted to cook for you, using the wide options of local produces supplied by passionate local farmers, ranchers, and other providers.

Hear about the origins of the products and about the dishes and recipes, while chef Yves is serving you at your holiday villa in Costa Brava, as a private chef.

Yves will introduce you to the local food customs and traditions while making you feel part of the celebration to be sharing and enjoying the Spanish food heritage.

While in Girona, Costa Brava, your private Chef Yves Nicolier can arrange a Spanish Tasting Menu for you, combining fish, seafood, meat, vegetables, and legumes, to make you experience the Spanish and Catalan gastronomy.

If you have specific culinary wishes or dietary requests (gluten-free menu, vegetarian Spanish specialties, vegan dishes, or specific food allergies), Chef Yves Nicolier can workout an on- demand menu schedule for your holiday stay in Costa Brava or special gathering or celebration. More details about on-demand Chef services.

Book Chef Yves as your private Chef during your stay in Costa Brava:

Spanish Tasting Menu

Let yourself surprise by a Chef´s choice menu that will cover Spanish and Catalan dish specialties, combining the fresh seasonal products. Local wine pairing can be included in this culinary journey lead by social chef Yves Nicolier in your holiday villa in Costa Brava.

On-demand services

Contact Chef Yves Nicolier to work out a customized menu schedule for your stay in Costa Brava. As a private chef, I can adapt to any special food request or dietary restriction. Vegetarian Spanish Cuisine or Gluten-free menus are offered with pleasure!

Happy Customers, talk about their experience:

“We had Yves as a chef when we were with 6 adults and 5 children, age 0.3-5 years. He managed and cooked breakfast, lunch and dinners that were perfect and filled with local products only. Gave us a great time and made this an unforgettable experience.”
Renso Zwiers
, The Netherlands

“Exceptional social chef! Yves provided us (family of 14 age range 80 - 9) with three wonderful experiences of Catalonian food with wines to accompany. On two occasions we experienced 9 tasting courses every time different tempting our taste buds. The highlight was stingray which melted in the mouth. He also has thumbs up from his vegetarian customers.”
Paul Bradbury
, UK

Yves accompanied us for 10 days in our villa in Begur, Costa Brava, and has delivered one of the best culinary experiences I ever had. Prior to arriving Yves prepared a carefully curated 3-course menu for us with complimentary local wines and made sure that any of our needs such as allergies and vegan options were met.

The ingredients were all locally sourced and the taste was absolutely incredible. Yves was very professional and made great use of our kitchen & tools without leaving a trace after he left.
Edon Guraziu
, The Netherlands

“The experience couldn’t have been better. Amazing range of foods, brilliantly cooked. Yves was friendly and shared his knowledge of the area. We will definitely be booking his services for our next visit. Highly recommended.”
Simon Hessel, UK