Team Building in Costa Brava or Barcelona City

PEG By Social Cooker Yves Nicolier

While Catalonia with your company we offer a unique range of team building experiences based on cooking sessions

In our hands-on team cooking events, participants come together around the stoves with specific goals and tasks to complete, according to the previously defined needs of the team

The aim of our team building events is to have fun around the stoves working as a team to achieve the common goal of the elaboration of a wonderful meal based on fresh and local products.

Some of our clients

We count on a selection of venues which can fit from 2 up to 100 people, in Barcelona and Costa Brava

Contact us to define the best choice for your team cooking event in Barcelona

According to the team’s needs, we are developing specific dynamics during the team cooking events to strengthen the required team values.

Choose your most suitable Team Cooking Spirit:


Does your international team only come together once a year?

Let´s organize a team cooking event where everyone will need to talk and interact with everyone else in order to achieve the goal of having a wonderful meal.

This social cooking event will turn into a memorable experience for your team, which will have an impact on the daily routines of exchanging emails between colleagues based in different countries.  


Does your international team only come together once a year?

Let’s define a “think outside of the box” team cooking event.

All the cooking session will be focused on going a step further in every decision taken while cooking.


Is there a lack of cooperation within your team?

Let’s define a role based from market to table team cooking event. Every element of the chain is crucial to the final success of the team!


Do you want to bring your team to a high energy level experience?

We propose a Master Chef type of challenge, where your team members will compete for victory giving their best in the kitchen with a time pressure!

There can only be one winner!


If finishing touches and putting soul into what you are delivering in your company plays a main role, let´s work on a very specific team cooking event to meet perfection!

Awareness during the cooking process, a clear idea of the desired result, and a brilliant “mise en plat” will be the pearls of our journey towards perfection.


If you want to have a great time with your team after a hard day of working in Barcelona, we will arrange an unforgettable team cooking event as a reward for your team members.

We will come together with food and drink and have a great time playing an active role on the scene.