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Yves Nicolier Sandrock

I hope to meet you around the stoves to share my passion with you!

I was born in Zürich, Switzerland in 1976. My mum moved to Barcelona in 1982, so I could acquire a broader knowledge of cultures and languages at age 8, including Spanish cuisine.

I studied journalism and had a short work experience in the PR field. In year 2000 I entered into the Internet marketing arena, where I met who would be my business partner for 10 years, Andreas. I enjoyed my time working with him as online marketing consultants.

When my first son Luka was born in 2010, I decided to change my life to focus on my passion since I was a boy: cooking. So Luka was learning to crawl and I was redefining my life.

Around my passion, I am developing my own world of cooking experiences, which include market to fork experiences, corporate team building events, Grandma’s driven traditional cooking classes and private chef services.

I define myself as a Social Cooker, because in my cooking events I bring people to transform raw ingredients into beautiful and flavorful dishes.

When cooking I enjoy sourcing my kitchen with fresh and local ingredients coming from the food markets. I love to take my time in the kitchen to create delicious dishes getting inspired while cooking with people.

My fresh products are coming directly from an Organic Farmer on the way back from my 'school. Proximity products and freshness into my kitchen!


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