Video Call cooking classes


Private Video Call Cooking Classes if you still do not feel like together offline

You deserve a special meal:
Come together with your family and experience an online cooking class with Spanish social chef Yves. Connect with your friends, open a bottle of wine and Video Call chef Yves from Barcelona into your kitchen

Are you in troubles with the week´s meal planification and preparation?
Learn how to plan your groceries, organize your kitchen and cook the week meals, all from the comfort of your own kitchen.

All Virtual Video Call cooking classes!

Batch Cooking: parenting
Prep and cook your week menus in only 2 Hours

Family Cooking Sessions
Get step by step instructions for everyone

Cook among Friends
Connect with friends and cook together

Client´s reviews:
“Yves is knowledgeable, friendly and fun. He graciously opened his beautiful home, not to mention well appointed kitchen to us after morning of picking our lunch at a local farm. He understood our dietary needs (vegan) and built the most amazing lunch based on what was ready in the fields!”


“Preparing a meal with Yves and the small group was a wonderful experience. The food was amazing, the company fantastic, and the hospitality warm and inviting. This experience allows you to feel like you are a true Barcelonian for a day.”