Organic Farm to Table



6 hours



10:00am to 4:00pm

Visit an organic farmer´s house, harvest and cook right there with Chef Yves

Decide the menu and harvest just before cooking the ingredients! Great Vegetarian option in Barcelona!

We will drive to the farmer's house just 20 minutes away from Barcelona downtown. Once at the farm we will explore the gardens and decide the menu right there. After harvesting our fresh ingredients we will cook right there guided by chef Yves.

Enjoy a memorable day in the country side while harvesting, cooking and tasting the seasonal fresh ingredients paired with local wines.

Chef Yves will introduce you to the local farmer and guide you around the gardens where a creative discussion will take place in order to define the dishes that can be cooked with the seasonal ingredients. We will have a cooking class setup and the tasting table will be set in a very beautiful environment. Enjoy a seasonal meal in the country side of Barcelona!

Select the fresh ingredients and harvest them just before cooking them.

Savor the seasonal Spanish cuisine after harvesting and cooking

From Farm to Table

Experience the whole process from collecting fresh ingredients and defining your own menu with chef Yves to the preparation just on the organic gardens. Everything only 20 min away from Barcelona downtown.