Business Meetings in Barcelona

Culture eats Strategy: by Andreas Akesson & Yves Nicolier

Meeting spaces and immersive cultural food experiences in Barcelona

In the city of Barcelona, in the beginning of the new century, Andreas Akesson and Yves Nicolier founded and managed a pioneer online advertisement consultancy firm. The timing was both during turbulent dotcom crashes and glorious days in discovering Googles magic in performance advertising.

Entrepreneurship has its momentum, both glorious and with despair. It's a lifestyle that either does or does not fit. We love it and want to share the spirit with you while creating new concepts in Barcelona.

Andreas Akesson: What ever happened with our business, being good or bad moments, we had our steering meetings to define the upcoming strategy for our company. These moments were always accompanied with food culture and a beautiful location in the Catalonian territory.

Clients/ Partners

We want to offer anyone, an excellent treat in a unique event in Barcelona, while defining your company's strategy or working on essential tasks.

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Culture does eat strategy, but we combine both.

Our offering in Barcelona for your Strategic team members/ corporate board members / clients & providers gatherings:

• Unique venue for meetings in Barcelona with a Premium food activity
• Finishing your strategy day with an immersive food experience in Barcelona
• Food tour in Barcelona after a hard working session
• Food and local culture participative activity in Barcelona
• Day excursion: meeting space, winery visit and outdoor cooking team activity
• Selected and targeted dining experiences in Barcelona: meet a famous Chef!
• One of a kind Barcelona Dinner experience with breathtaking views!

Yves Nicolier: What I remember the most of our steering meetings is that creamy lobster rice paired with a white Grenache wine.

Facilities and amenities in the city of Barcelona with a cultural impact

We offer you the right environment combining facilities and amenities in the city of Barcelona. You only care 100% about your strategic board meeting & we make sure to get the best cultural experience.



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