Family Cooking: private Video Call class



1,5 hours



Flexibility on schedules

Get step by step instructions for everyone

Video Call chef Yves Nicolier into your kitchen!

Define a Spanish cuisine menu with Chef Yves and get ready for the most exciting Video Call you ever had!

You will then receive a grocery list to get the needed ingredients for the class.

During the cooking session, every family member will get specific tasks to cover all the steps to finish the whole meal consisting on a starter, main dish and dessert.

This Video Call lesson includes:

Before the class:
- Email communication to define a full menu
- List of ingredients and required equipment
- Instructions to access to the Video Call

Vegetarian and vegan options are welcome!

The class is adapted to your family taste and requirements

During the class:
- 1,5 hours cookery online workshop
- Chef Yves will cook alongside you to complete the meals together
- All the family members will receive specific tasks from chef Yves

After the class:
- Receive the recipes that we cooked

Optional approaches of this session:
- We can adapt to every food intolerance or allergy

- 1-2 attendees: 200 Euros
- 3-4 attendees: 250 Euros
- 5-6 attendees: 300 Euros

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