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3 hours



1:00pm to 3:00pm or 8:30pm to 11:30pm

Meet the chef in his kitchen and enjoy a tasting menu in a special private table

Experience a special treat at Chef's Toni Simôes Restaurant

Chef Toni Simôes will welcome you in his kitchen, where you will already taste two of his culinary creations and toast with a glass of sparkling wine.

Experience Toni´s tasting Menu which will be served in the exclusive table overlooking his beautiful kitchen and isolated from the rest of the tables.

Discover Toni's seasonal and fresh product tasting menu consisting in 5 dishes and a dessert.
(Price per person excluding drink: 65€)

La Taverna del Clínic is leaded by chef Toni Simôes who defines himself as self-taught. He learnt the basics of traditional cooking alongside Chef Santi Santamaria. Toni enjoys reinventing traditional cooking and admits he is “happier making a good pâté than working with a molecule.” He loves traditional cuisine, but nobody expects conventional dishes on his menus, or anything you might find in another restaurant.

¿Why La Taverna del Clínic?
What I personally love about his cuisine is the focus on excellent fresh and seasonal products and the fact that you can at any time recognize the ingredients being part of the dishes, which are presented to you with a delicate care on the presentation. He implements his own vision on traditional Spanish dishes with a very smart update which will blow up all your senses at any bite!

The tasting menu can be adapted to any intolerances or dislikes

Special treat at La Taverna del Clínic Restaurant:

  • Be welcome by the chef in his kitchen
  • Two tapas will be finished in front of you
  • Taste two snacks in the kitchen
  • Toste with a glass of sparkling wine
  • Enjoy the tasting menu in a private table overlooking the kitchen

Review of this experience by Eric Treiber