Review restaurants with a treat: La Taverna del Clínic


Traveler’s Review:
Eric Treiber, President/Chief Executive Officer

During our recent trip to Barcelona, my wife and I along with another couple enjoyed the dining experience of a lifetime at La Taverna del Clinic. We were joined by local chef Yves Nicolier Sandrock and his wife Eli. Upon our arrival, we were met by Chef/Owner Toni Simoes and our 3 ½ hour adventure began. We started in their beautiful kitchen which is as clean and well-appointed as any I’ve seen around the world.

While sipping wine and enjoying an amuse bouche, Chef Simoes told us about the restaurant and its history, explained their meticulous preparation methods, and made us feel very welcome. Following this magical start, we were escorted to a beautiful chef’s table in a private room located directly next to the kitchen, such that we could still see the staff hard at work creating their masterpieces. From there, we were treated to course after course of works of art, each with their own distinctive and outstanding flavors, matching the beauty of their presentation.

For one very memorable evening, we were transported to another world for an unforgettable culinary extravaganza. We all felt extremely blessed to have been exposed to such an amazing adventure. Chef Simoes and the entire team at La Taverna del Clinic should be very proud of the fine work they are doing.

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Eric Treiber