Fishing and cooking



8 hours



9:00am to 5:00pm

Sail and fish in front of Barcelona Skyline

Learn to cook the fresh fish in the local style

Do you love to fish? Social cooker Yves can arrange a fishing experience for you on board of a typical boat from Mallorca sailing in front of the Barcelona Skyline. 

We will have an expert fisher on board, who will explain to us all about the fishing techniques in the area and help us to get some fishes for the cooking class we will have after the boat experience.

After the boat trip you will drive to chef´s private home to host the hand-on cooking class. If we miss any ingredient, we will stop at one of the food markets in the town of Barcelona to complement our groceries list.

At Chef’s house, you will learn to master the local fresh products and the freshly caught fishes in order to create local dishes around nice conversations after the sailing morning.

Take part of a hand-on cooking class at Chef´s house