Cooking with a grandma



3-4 hours



10:00am to 02:00pm or 5:00pm to 09:00 pm

Learn traditional Spanish/ Catalan cuisine from a local granny, who will share her culinary secrets with you

PEG By Social Cooker Yves Nicolier
PEG By Social Cooker Yves Nicolier

One of our local grandmas will welcome you together with an english speaking host or facilitator at the food market for groceries or at her kitchen

If you choose to start at the market, the menu will be defined right there, together with granny. If you run short in time and want to jump directly into the kitchen with granny, we will define a suitable menu for you, taking into account intollerances and dislikes.

Grandma's Cooking Barcelona is an immersive culinary experience in Barcelona where you will learn from a local grandma about food, recipes, culture and lifestyle.

Meet other travelers around the stoves while cooking or book a private event for your family, friends or corporate meeting.

Grandma will teach you in a hands on cooking class format to elaborate a full menu

Example of a menu

Artichoke Omelette with tomato bread

Main Dish:
Catalan Meat Balls with Cuttlefish

Grandma´s Cake with Catalan cream