Cook among friends: Skype video call



1,5 hours



Flexibility on schedules

Cook and have fun with your friends conected simultaneously via Skype

Chef Yves will coordinate the connected groups to end the meals at the same time

Connect with different households simultaneously to cook the same meal together having fun!

Every participant will get concrete task to execute the step by step process of the defined menu.

Chef Yves will be guiding the different groups, so that all will finish the dishes at the same time and everyone can toast and taste their creations.

This Video Chat lesson includes:

Before the class:
- Email communication to define a full menu
- List of ingredients and required equipment
- Instructions to access to the Skype Call

Vegetarian and vegan options are welcome!

The class content can be adapted to intollerances and allergies

During the class:
- 1,5 hours cookery online workshop
- Chef Yves will cook alongside you to complete the meals together
- The different households and their family members will receive specific tasks from chef Yves

After the class:
- Receive the recipes that we cooked

Optional approaches of this session:
- We can adapt to every food intolerance or allergy

Per household, minimum two households:
- One attendee: 150 Euros
- Two attendees: 120 Euros per person
- Three attendees: 100 Euros per person
- Four attendees:  90 Euros per person
- Five and more attendees: 70 Euros per person

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