Batch Cooking: private Skype class



2 hours



Flexibility on schedules

Prep and cook your week menus in only 2 Hours

Master your home cooking and gain time to spend with your family

Plan and cook your week menus with Chef Yves, who will inspire you with tips, tricks and shortcuts to prepare 5 meals from scratch.

Work out a weekly cooking schedule before the class based on your household´s taste. Ask as many questions as you need, since this is a private cooking class which will give you more confidence as a home cook.

This Video Chat lesson includes:

Before the class:
- Email communication to define the concrete needs to be covered
- Written instructions, List of ingredients and required materials
- Instructions to access to the Skype Call

Vegetarian and vegan options are welcome!

The class is adapted to your family taste and requirements

During the class:
- Two hours cookery online workshop
- Chef Yves will cook alongside you to complete the meals together
- Constant Q&A session during the whole workshop

After the class:
- Written 5 day meal plan and the recipes that we cooked
- Available by email to answer extra questions even after the workshop
- A weekly cooking schedule proposal
Optional approaches of this session:
- Healthy cooking for kids
- Adapting to intolerances
- Vegetarian or Vegan
- Let me know about your specific needs

Contribution: 230 Euros for one attendee, 50 Euros for every extra attendee

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