Private Social Chef



3-4 hours



12:00pm to 7:00pm

As a private social chef, I am offering a unique culinary experience which will be part of the evening's entertainment.

PEG By Social Cooker Yves Nicolier
PEG By Social Cooker Yves Nicolier

While you are having a welcome drink and snack, I will be preparing a tasting menu just in front of you sharing the background stories and the steps of every elaboration/ dish that you are going to taste.

I will share my culinary thoughts and passion trough a vibrant tasting menu based and inspired by local and seasonal products.

This is a fantastic formula for private or corporate gatherings while in Catalonia. It can be hosted at chef´s private house or social chef Yves can move with all the equipment to your private location.

Guests are welcome to step into the kitchen at any moment and even participate in the elaborations.

Example of a tasting Menu at Chef`s House

Welcome drink on the rooftop

Glass of craft Cava
Crunchy Tomato Bread with Iberian ham, acorn fed
Home dressed Olives

Some entertainers inside the kitchen with a local white wine

Pintxo de Sobrasada: toast with Chorizo paste and honey
Esqueixada: Seasonal tomatoes with salted Cod and extra virgin olive oil

Selection of “platillos” on the tableset paired with white and red wine

Kokotxas al Pil pil: Cod “Double Chin” with olive oil and garlic emulsion.
Gamba Vermella: Red Shrimp from the Meditarranian Sea
Calamares a la Andaluza: Andalusian Fried Squid Rings with Lime Mayonnaise
Sole Filet roulade with tomato paste and garlic oil
Mandonguilles amb Sipia: Catalan Beef/Pork Meatballs with Cuttlefish
Zucchini with Romesco Sauce: based on broiled tomatoes/garlic, almonds, hazelnuts and ñora pepper.
Fricando de ternera: Beef stew with mushrooms and onions


Crema Catalana with red fruits
Chocolate Explosion with persimmon and lime zest

Are you ready to cook?

Private Social Chef