Welcome! If you landed in this website, you must definitely be interested in gastronomy. If we could we’d be greeting you with a drink and a welcoming tapa. Cheers! Our association’s main focus revolves around our passion for all things culinary, as well as for the traditions and activities that go with them. From that core idea we develop ideas and try to come up with new, old or renewed concepts that we are proud to offer our members and guests – always with our unique and very personal approach. Here are a few examples of what we do:

  • Cooking workshops, with a group dinner tasting
  • Argentinian grills in your own home (or any other locations!)
  • Group dinners overlooking Barcelona’s skyline.
  • Gastronomical dressing-up of any type of social gatherings: birthday parties, corporate events, weddings, music festivals…
  • Food and Art: synergize your artistic event with a suitable gastronomical offer.

We just started and we don’t ever want to stop, so PegBcn will continue to evolve and shape up with time and your participation. Please do take a tour of the website and if you see anything that sparks your curiosity, well, we’ll be delighted to tell you anything you want to ask us.

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